7-11 Store
   260 meters
   24 hour
     A famous convenience store inThailand, serve all kinds ofready meal such as frozen nd chilled meal, sausage, Dim sum, etc., providea SIM card and consumer product for living.
   Neilson Hays Library
   400 meters
   9.30 am - 5.00 pm (Tue – Sun)
     A great place to enjoy a quiet morning coffee, view the latest art gallery, and check out the selection of English library books. The facility also offers exhibitions and creative workshops.
   Silom Soi 20
   400 meters
     See all kinds of Thai food and desserts, buy fresh produce and daily good, have Thai street style lunch and dinner. Touch a local life style.

Hindu Temple
   450 meters
   6.00 am – 8.00 pm
     Sri Maha Mariamman Temple (aka. Wat Khaek in Thai), There is a little taste of Indian architecture in the central Bangkok, head to impressive Sri Mariamman Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of the same name. The colorful and intricately designed temple was built during 1860s.
   Bangkok Seashell Museum
   950 meters
   10.00 am – 6.30 pm
     Over 3,000 specimens of 600 species, all creatively arranged making pretty, almost artwork-like displays. Commentary is available in English and Thai.
   Patpong Night Market
   1 kilometer
   6.00 pm –1.00 am
     A fun shopping experience with plenty of bargains to be had on knock-off designer bags, T-shirt, shoes and sunglasses, as well as tourist souvenirs and artwork. There is bars along either side of the road. Patpong is famous for go-go bars, late night gentlemen’s club.

Bangkok Snake Farm
   1.3 kilometers
   8.30 am – 4.30 pm
     A coolest things about the snake show is that the commentator calmly goes over the various forms of anti-venom’s, as deadly King cobras are bravely being handled! The Bangkok Snake Farm is located on the Thai Red Cross campus in Silom.
   Thaniya Street
   1.2 kilometers
     Which is also sometimes referred to as Japanese street, is perpendicular to the Sala Daeng BTS station in the heart of Silom. There is an abundance of Japanese restaurants, bars, karaoke clubs, and a number of questionable Japanese adult entertainment joints.
   Wat Hua Lamphong
   1.2 kilometers
   24 Hour
     One of the largest Buddhist temples is Wat Hua Lamphong. The golden Thai style temple contrasts the modern sky-rise of glass and steel that makes up the central business district of Bangkok.